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Online pharmacy

Our priority is animal health care. We are concerned about the many counterfeit products found online. Ensure your prescriptions come from a certified pharmacy, not a third party vendor. Whether it's monthly flea prevention, prescription medications or pet food our products ship from the manufacturer directly to you. 

About Us


Dr. Heather Napolitano

Dr. Heather Napolitano

Dr. Heather Napolitano

Her love for animals started at a very young age. Today she provides pets with a gentle approach to thorough and comprehensive veterinary care in your home. 


Decreased Stress

Dr. Heather Napolitano

Dr. Heather Napolitano

In-home vet care relieves stress for pets and their human companions. It is the first step in generating a happier, healthier lifestyle for your furry companions.


Integrative Care

Dr. Heather Napolitano

Integrative Care

Laser treatments and other alternative therapies are available when appropriate. We can investigate together which approach would be best for you and your pets.

Experienced & Compassionate

Quality Veterinary Care

Dr. Heather Napolitano and her associates have been serving pets and families throughout Los Angeles, Malibu and Pacific Palisades since 2015. Specializing care for patients creates loving, everlasting relationships and is a high priority for her practice. No more stressful car rides to the clinic. In-home veterinary visits provide comfort for your furry companions while prioritizing complete wellness care.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Living a busy life, it is challenging to consistently provide the attention and welfare that pets require. With years of satisfied pet owners and loved patients, you can rely on Dr. Heather and associates to prioritize patient care. Her team works closely with nearby clinics and specialty centers. Advanced diagnostics, dental cleanings, surgical procedures and referrals can all be arranged. Transport is available when needed.

Our Promise

We will care for your pets as if they were our own. We will go to every length to ensure your pets are happy, comfortable, and their needs are being met. They will receive the very best in veterinary care with a loving approach. 


We look forward to caring for your fur family!

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If you are having a pet emergency please contact 

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