Dr. Heather Napolitano

Passion for Pets


My mission is to provide excellent  health care for your pet while ensuring their comfort during exams and treatments.

I realize that veterinary visits can be a stressful experience for an animal so I approach every pet I treat with love and patience as I work with them. 

My focus is on the overall well-being of your pet so they can be a healthy member of your family for many years to come.  

Concierge Care

I decided to expand my practice to include concierge care because I see too many stressed out animals in the clinic setting. This not only upsets the patient but I also see how upsetting it is for their human companions. 

Concierge care seeks to alleviate the many stressors and expand my knowledge of a patient's home environment so I can care for them in the best way possible.

Promises Kept

I promise to provide your pet with the best and most loving care available. I promise to treat your pet as if they were my own. I come highly recommended by my clients and have support staff that are qualified, kind and loving members of our community.